Place Films

This series of films explore the concept of place in distinct locations and with the use of creative documentary filmmaking. The idea is to articulate how place is articulated through precise cultural practices and is shaped by sensory experience characteristic to a locale. It just so happens that the film medium evoques these aspects in the best way. 

Arpoador, Land of Wishes

An essay film on the stone at the very end of the beach of Ipanema.


Casa das Laranjas

Following the footsteps of the Brazilian NGO Teto, me and a group of filmmakers based in NYC interview the inhabitants of Duque de Caixas in regards to their livelihood. This neighborhood, just some 10 km away from the Copacabana beaches, is the city of Rio de Janeiro most impoverished locality.   


Colina de Azúcar

The historical neighborhood of Sugar Hill overlook the Mecca of black culture in NYC, Harlem. This is an exploration of the daily life in one the city's most historic locations.