My name is Alejandro and I am passionate non-fiction media artist. As a trained visual anthropologist (M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology, FU Berlin), I like to develop fact-based and impactful storytelling through photography, documentary film, advocacy video, and communication campaigns. As of 2014 I am based in NYC and have had the opportunity to work for The New York Times, Univision, OkayAfricaSiriusXM, TRT World, among other outlets. Also, I work as a documentary film screener for Camden International Film Festival.

My artistic practice aims to answer questions posed by cultural theory surrounding notions of place, commodities, and national identity. My work has been showcased and exhibited in Colombia and the US.

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Selected Photographic Exhibitions & Screening of Films 


Curated and co-organized a screening series of documentary films about the Colombian armed conflict (#NiUnMuertoMas) at Slought Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, September 21 – September 28. Where I also moderated a discussion with filmmakers and Colombian social leader, Héctor Marino, on September 29 (They are Killing Us). 6 

Solo mixed media exhibit “Pasear Sae: Identidad y Movimiento en GunaYala” at Museo de la Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia. July 13 – August 15. 

“In the Shade of Necocli’s Cocoa Forest” is officially selected and screened at Fine Cuts. The New School for Media Studies, New York City, USA. May 4. 

Solo mixed media exhibit “Pasear Sae: Identidad y Movimiento en GunaYala” at Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia. March 13 – May 3. 


“Colina de Azúcar” at the collective media arts showcase, Mixed Messages. The New School for Media Studies, New York City, USA. April 27 – May 3. 


Solo photo exhibit “Momentos Plásticos : Medios Fotográficos”. Caldas Arts Museum, Manizales, Colombia. July 17 – August 17. 

“Realitäten und Repräsentationen, Filmische Dokumentationen aus Lateinamerika” ethnographic film festival. Official selection of “Stories Coconuts Tell”. Organized by the Ethnology department of Bonn University, Germany. January 11. 


Collective photographic exhibition “Pereirana”. La Alianza Francesa, Pereira, Colombia. July 8 – 20. 

Collective photographic exhibition “Des-pliegues”, Liberty Seguros Gallery, Manizales. May 24-26. 

“Stories Coconuts Tell” international debut at International Festival of the Image, Manizales, Colombia. April 18. 

Solo photo exhibit “Espectros de la percepción fotográfica “Espectros de la percepción fotográfica”. Fotourbe 6.12. La Alianza Francesa, Pereira. December 14 - February 2. 


Solo photo exhibit “Espectros de la percepción fotográfica”. Taller Abierto, Manizales. March 29 - April 10.