The Chocolate Dream

I am working as a consultant for Casa Luker's exciting new project, The Chocolate Dream. My work entails carrying out fieldwork as a visual anthropologist and advise the company on strategies for better content creation on the launch of their digital campaign. Part of my three-month fieldwork was to both direct and produce a documentary short film about the social impact that the company has had in the municipality of Necoclí - the Urabá region of Colombia - with their 500 hectares cocoa plantation. Additionally, I crafted a high-end photography series for the project's social media channels and directed and produced three short social videos to crowdfund solutions for infrastructure issues in the vicinity. 

As of mid-September 2017, I started managing their social media channels in order to create strategy intended for carefully selected Colombian and American audiences. Visit The Chocolate Dream - Necoclí to learn more about the project.

Short film: "In the Shade of Necoclí's Cocoa Forest"

As of December 2017 the short documentary film I have been working on, showcasing the birth and early work of The Chocolate Dreamis finished and ready for distribution. Check out the trailer:

The short film, “In the Shade of Necoclí’s Cocoa Forest,” follows Verónica and other locals who have started to work on CasaLuker’s cocoa farm in the municipality of Necoclí. We hear from experts and locals on how changing a region - especially one that was historically in the hands of armed illegal groups - can be made possible through this crop. We then learn of The Chocolate Dream initiative and its plans to promote an integral type of development in the Colombian countryside, starting with a program to kickstart the revival of Necoclí’s cultural traditions.       

Please contact me if you wish to watch a password-protected screener of this film.

Social Videos

"Call to action" series

These videos were created as a call to action for social entrepreneurship projects that could tackle the themes and issues they revolve around.


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The intent behind this video was to provide a sense of the revitalizing of fauna and flora that has followed 5 years after the creation of the cocoa forest.  


Necoclí's cocoa forest has received many guests over the years. Each party leaves their imprint on the project. This video is meant to celebrate their visit.


The official launch of The Chocolate Dream at the World Cocoa Foundation Partnership Meeting -
 Washington D.C., 2017.